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Academy of Civil Aviation

Georgy Kryzhanovsky

The St.-Petersburg's Academy of Civil Aviation

— the largest and unique institution of a civil aviation, which prepares air staff of high qualification.
Six faculties are engaged in preparation of the future experts and chiefs for a transport system: preparations of the high administrative personnel, organization of air transport manufacture, operation of air transport, operation of transport, juristic and correspondence. There are more than 40 doctors of sciences and professors, 150 candidates of sciences, and also 16 academicians and members - correspondents of Academy of Transport are working here. For the first time in practice of training, Academy of Civil Aviation has become to prepare the engineers on operation of all types of transport and retrains the members of aircraft's crew on fifteen types of flight vehicles. Academy's center of retraining and improvement of professional skill of staff prepares the chiefs and experts in management, marketing of international commercial activity, safety and state regulation on transport. The academy are going to begin preparation of flight engineers and air managers.
The successful cooperation with educational centers and air companies of other countries allows constantly to improve and to renovate educational process.
In 1995, Academy of Civil Aviation, was the first high schools of Russia which got international award " Torch of Birmingham". It is awarded for successful economic survival and development, ability to steady activity in conditions of economic crisis. The international recognition is a symbol of social and economic revival, tribute of respect to collective of Academy, who has been successfully working for 40 years, transmitting the best traditions of St. Petersburg's air school to the future generations of Russian's aviators.
We are glad to see you in Academy!

Georgy Kryzhanovsky President of Civil Aviation Academy

Georgy Kryzhanovsky
President of Civil Aviation Academy
38 Pilotov street
196210, St. Petersburg
Tel: +7 (812) 104 1511
Fax: +7 (812) 104 1832

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